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Product of the Week 


     Need a ladder? This one is perfect! But this is no ordinary ladder, this bendable ladder which was on clearance today for as low as $12 is perfect for nearly every cage. Bird tested and bird approved! This bendable beaded ladder is made for cockatiels but why let those 'tiels have all the fun, budgies can also safely use this product. 

       My bird loved the beading and is constantly climbing on this thing! Check it out it's great for parakeets. Most owners just get a boring plain ladder but getting a beaded ladder can actually be more beneficial! Well here is a quick explanation why. You see the beads help imitate a real tree in the wild because of the bumps and grooves. Budgies and parakeets love this because it connects them with their natural instincts. Next, the energizing and bright colors keep your bird excited and pumped just to sit on this toy. This beaded ladder is also better because you can hang it anywhere you want. You can hang it from the ceiling, sides, etc. This ladder will fit into virtually any cage; all you have to do is insert where you like!

    I love this ladder and it was actually really cheap! I recommend getting a high quality ladder so that you don't have to get more ladders in the future, but if this ladder isn't the one for you, keep looking I'm sure you will find the perfect match soon enough! One last note, I do NOT get paid to do these Product of the Week's I do it so that bird owners can see my side of the story and see what I think they should get for their bird! 


Week 2: Shooting Star Toy

    For week two we decided to kick it up a notch with this cool and original 'shooting star' toy. Let your bird make a wish and play all day! This toy was made from a family owned company and created by Ann and Mark. It is very cute and it's organic! Keep in mind that we make no money by telling you about this product.

    Another thing that I like about this toy is that is so colorful! Did you know that budgies and parakeets don't see color the way we do? Most people think that birds are like dogs and can't see color but in fact they see color better than we do! They pick up colors and change them, so for example, when we see blue they might see a neon orange! Getting toys with more color like the "Shooting Star Toy" can make your budgie or parakeet more curious and excited. I know that I would much rather like a pretty and exploding book (like a fiction novel) over a boring plain black and white book (like an autobiography on some professor who invented tassels). Well you get what I'm saying anyway. The only problem is if your bird is the shyer type and the color makes him/her take longer to adjust to the toy, but even then when your budgie or parakeet does adjust to the new toy they will like it a lot because of those exuberant colors!

    My bird loved this toy so much that he broke it! I'm not going to lie I was devastated at the after math destruction of that little parakeet! After that I decided to stop getting this toy because he loved it too much! If I had millions of dollars of course I would have gotten him a bucket load of these toys but I can't spend all that money (he tore it up three days after I put it in his cage!). Ever since he has never loved a toy more than he loved that shooting star. Maybe one day I'll get him his beloved toy but until then you might want to check it out.

Week 3: Poop Off

    This week we have a special treat for you! Yep it's Poop Off, it dissolves poop and makes it much easier to clean. I personally have this at home and have to say that it is a life saver! Ugh, I hate cleaning as much as the next person but this product really takes the work out of it and basically clean the poop. Here is what Pet Smart's website described this product to do.

    "Dissolves bird droppings from a variety of surfaces with natural enzymes. Also features an attached scrub brush for cleaning convenience."

    This product is awesome, but when I looked it up at Pet Smart is was way too expensive! Well I hate expensive things so instead of buying it online, paying shipping, handling, the whole nine yards, I bought it at my local pet store for nearly half the price! But if you can't find it at a local pet shop or are just too lazy to get off the computer, check it out online.  Also if you have never seen or heard of the product here is a quick intro and a picture to clear up any confusion... and poop. 

    Anyway, the picture I promised is below. Keep in mind that there are different types of Poop Off; one is the refill bottle that doesn't come with the stiff bristle brush. And of course the starter bottle with the brush. Now they are making spray bottles, gallon refills, and even wipes! In my case, if you care what I think, I got the bristle brush one even though it was more because I knew that I would have to get a brush and didn't want to pay the extra little tax and such for another product (don't forget all that time and effort :( .....). Of course if you find a cheaper brush along with a refill bottle of Poop Off that could work too. Remember that the other options are also available if you want to check those out. I didn't include those because I haven't bought those yet and don't want to just tell you about a product I haven't tested yet. So if you are interested check those out too for more squeaky cleaning bird products. 

 Think that the price is too high? Well the lowest price for Poop Off I could find was at Drs. Foster & Smith. It was only $6.99! No I'm not kidding you can get it now for less! This price is only a dollar over what I got it at my local pet store for so that is a pretty good deal (considering it was on mark-down clearance at my pet store).  


Week 4: Multi-Purpose Bath Tub 

    This cute bath tub is adorable, perfect, and useful for all messy birds. The bath tub feeder isn't just for looks, this little tub is also a birdie buffet or a secondary food bowl (you know that one you use for treats).. If you don't need a food bowl/buffet bowl then this multi-tasking tub has also been known to be used as a regular old bath tub. I have heard so many funny stories about this product and just had to do a section on this. If you have cute or funny stories please comment them and/or send them to me and they could be featured in a new segment entitled "Your Bird". That is a little sneak peak for the upcoming articles (I know someone asked about that ).

    There is nothing not to like about this cute little piece. Some of the best things about this product is that it is specifically built for budgies and parakeets (it is the right size and the material is good for budgies). I feel like truly outshines to outdated bath tubs and food bowls that we give budgies and parakeets today. If you can find other products like this please tell me. With past experience, getting your bird to bathe is hard! When I got this bath tub it only took two days compared to the two weeks it had took with my other commercial tub. I love this a lot and hope you do to. If you are thinking "What will this product do to me and my bird?" (well I don't want to be some one off of those annoying commercials, but...) this product can help you and you bird a lot! It is an excellent food bowl and shower area. Not to mention the ingenious design and layout. Also it is completely safe for your budgie. 

    Another reason I like this product is, well just look at it! It is a wonderful cage decor piece that owners and visitors can enjoy, plus it has multiple purposes. This product is by far the most requested and loved. If you are looking for a good deal the best I could pull was $10. The original product was made by JungleTalk. JungleTalk is a great bird brand; I think that their products are awesome and high-quality. That wraps up this week’s product! 


Week 5: Springy Ball Bird Toy

    Well this week we thought we would go old school classic with a basic bird toy that every budgie will love! Apparently it is completely made of braided plant fibers! Isn't that cool? (Well I certainly think it is) This is 100% chewable, destroyable, and fun! I like this toy because it is simple, small, and cute. My birds love this toy because it is tasty (I guess), fun, and shred able! The budgie in the picture isn't exactly the brightest bird I've ever seen but it certainly is a cute toy! If you have any comments, questions, anything at all, contact us and we will be right back to you! We love hearing what you have to say! Remember that we update our website often (nearly every day) and if for some reason don't get back to you within a week, don't get discouraged, keep asking and make sure to check your spam and trash box in your email if you don't get an instant reply!

    Anyway, this toy is super easy for my parakeet's little beaks to tear and chew, but they always chew it up really fast leaving me to replace it (as always!). Other than that it is a great toy made by The Budgie & Parakeet Place. Yeah did you hear that they made a budgie and parakeet store? No, well this is one of their products!


Week 6: JW Birdie Basketball Toy

    Making it all the way to week six I thought I would tell everyone about one of my personal favorites! I thought it was really funny when I first looked at it and so I bought it for kicks but after a week my budgies where so into that toy they wouldn't let me change it! It's still in their cage plus it is hilarious watching them play with it!  At first I also thought that they would never figure out how to use it or that they couldn't get hold of it but it was so easy to learn and use. There have been lots of other great reviews for this product. On Sears only one person was disappointed and that was because they got it for their lovebird and this is definitely NOT a lovebird toy! Anyway this toy is super fun and adorable. You know how gullible I am to those cute bird toys (see week 4 for further evidence). Besides the obvious cuteness it was a very versatile toy and gave my parakeets hours of fun and playing. I would recommend this toy to others and it is very inexpensive. The best deal that I found (not including that cursed shipping and handling) was at Sears for only $3! Way better than the Amazon deal for double ($6). If you find a better price tell me where. As usual though I shop in store at my local pet shop. I can't remember what price I got it at but I'm sure that it was more than $3. Once again I have to say that no one pays me for doing these product of the weeks I just like giving people the information on great bird toys and products because people have asked me for it. If you have a question make sure to contact us because Parakeet Palace is always open!  

    If you’re really into the whole budgie sports thing they also make bowling but since I was never good at sports I think that one sport is enough for my birds! If you are interesting here is the link to that: Tell me about that and send me your reviews and comments on that. Remember that we need you to send in product of the week ideas!


Week 7: Honey Treat Sticks

    This week we have something special for you budgie. We wanted to indulge your parakeet and really let them think "Wow, my owner is the best!" sort of thing so we did a really yummy (budgie and parakeet tested delicious) treat. These are Kaytee® which means they are super high-quality and really expensive! I almost didn't put this week's up because I was afraid of the angry replies I would get for the price (it's happened before) I'm sorry but I'm not the parakeet coupon fairy and don't have any sales or coupons that I could find for this week. You'll just have to pay the whole retail price, unless of course you have an awesome local pet store (like mine) that offers in-store discounts and such. I really hate huge stores like PetSmart and Pet Supplies Plus because they always make you pay full price and trick you with fake discounts that actually don't help, sneaky huh! This week though the price of the honey treats sticks is rounded off to $6 a pack. Ouch! That's a penny pinch but still a little treat every once in a while couldn't hurt.

    According to my birds this treat is out of this world tasty and according to the labeling (which kind of makes you jealous doesn't it???) this treat is drizzled with a lot of honey goodness (or just honey flavoring :P) but whatever the case my budgies really love this sticks. Tell me what your parakeets think of the treat. I personally only use these on special occasions because they are so expensive and also because they are way too fatty!!! There are a lot of calories packed in there! So be careful when giving treats and such to your bird because you definitely do not want to overdose! Did you know that parakeet obesity is a real thing? Well guess what it happens to just about 1 out of 4 careless owners! Please don't be one of them. Well that basically wraps up my point for this week check back in next week for another cool product. Oh, yeah and don't forget to check out the rest of this website and also my blog is always updated and fresh.


Week 8: Rope Perch

    This is a product that I have never gotten around to doing until now but now that I am doing it I would just like to say that this perch is a life-saver! My birds will not let go of this perch. It is their play perch, sleepy time perch, and all day perch! It would actually be much faster to just say what it is not. Why I love this toy? Well I love that it is bendable so I can move it basically any way I please and do anything with it. It can transform into whatever kind of perch I want which really saves you money. Another thing I love about this perch is the softness. It is perfect for my parakeets’ feet because their feet get irritated really easily and I wanted something soft and cushy so they wouldn't have to stand in pain all day long. You should definitely get this perch for your bird because it is amazing. Also it has large bolts so when you put the perch in your cage it is super easy and fast. I hate it when I have to stand for like four minutes screwing in a new perch. This makes things so much faster so I really like that. It can be very expensive however at name brand pet stores but you know me, I would never go to one of those I always go to my handy dandy local pet shop. If you don't have one of those then I guess a name brand pet store will do but you’re missing out of really good deals, better service, and so much more! Now I couldn't find a really good deal on this so I just did the PetSmart product page. If you can find a better online deal tell me! :) So remember to comment, suggest, and ask us anything! We'll get back to you as fast as possible!  


Week 9: Talk N Play Bird Phone

    This week we received emails asking for a toy that would help my bird learn to talk. We scoured the internet as well as the pet store and found this amazing product. After getting it for our own birds and testing it we found great results. That's why this weeks product is the Talk N Play Bird Phone. It teaches your budgie to talk while they play along and it has a built in mirror that my birds seem to adore. As if that wasn't enough there are these cute little buttons (which are super easy to push) that teach your bird different phrases. The key word being different! Of all the toys that claimed to "teach your bird how to talk" none of them thought well what happens once they have learned hello and get bored with the toy? Not only will they learn the basic "hello," they will also learn "I love you!", a little cackle giggle thing that my parakeets seem to love, and "Polly wanna cracker?".We don't have enough time to teach our birds to talk especially with all the hard work we have to do, but this toy really just does it for us! My birds don't know how to talk yet (because I have a flock of three and they don't really feel the urge to!) but I think with some time, and this toy they will learn. However this should not make vocal training sessions obsolete. You should still have some training time to really bond with your bird and enjoy yourself as well. There is no reason to throw this away! The toy is simply making it easier for your budgie or parakeet to learn when you’re not around. Now here is a little picture of the toy. I think the picture shows the medium size but you should get the smallest size for a budgie or parakeet. Different birds need different sizes and styles so keep that in mind when buying a toy! Also we are starting a new springtime only series on our blog so check that out while it lasts! Also our all new newsletters are out so be sure to join that now! 


Week 10: Hypno Wheel

       Hello again! This is our tenth Product of the Week and I am very excited to say that especially with all the weeks that I have been sick, busy, or forgotten! Now I am trying to keep this as a regular thing now! Before I dive into this week’s product I would like to ask you to join our mailing list if you wish to receive free coupons, advice, information, updates, contests, and more!!! You can also become a free Parakeet Palace member and explore our site!!! Now into todays topic! One great brand that I find all over my pet store is Insight Activitoys. I decided to test another one of their products and see how it stood. I purchased their Hypno Wheel only a week ago and my birds loved it to death! Also it was pretty easy to clean and I think that it should be good. Besides being easy to clean and fun there are no real training benefits or perks just to stop birdie boredom. So on that note Petco happened to have the product in their inventory and also a 30% off sale. There was only one review and it was an okay-ish review... “As the title states the color that you see on the website may or may not be the one you get. It doesn't detail that on the site so I thought I was ordering what I saw on the screen! Boy was I wrong I received a rather ugly color.

    The toy itself is pretty good. It seems well maneuverable by small birds and medium birds alike. They seem to really like the little bell up top mine will peck at it every time he passes by it on the way to the mirror or food/water. I have yet to see him try and turn the wheel it seems a bit difficult for the way it's placed on the side of the cage but maybe he'll learn in time." By someone named "Furbs" who gave it 4 out of 5 paws. Now I would never put something on my Product of the Week that my birds wouldn't use. I think that little Furbs is just mad about color!!! So no offense but the color doesn't really matter to me. I personally loved this toy. Thought the format was cute and that the idea was neat but I didn't really understand what the bell was there for. Maybe just a little adds on for extra fun-ness. I would definitely recommend this to any budgie owner who wanted a good toy for a parakeet that is always bored! If you have a review that you would like to add you can put it in our forums!!! Of course the Petco website puts up all this stuff about how cool this product is in fun bullets!!! Ha-ha here's what Petco has to say.

    • Playing & exercising promotes health and well-being
    • Easily connects to your bird's cage
    • Ideal for parakeets, cockatiels & other birds of similar size

        Now Petco isn't the only site that loves to talk about toys when I spotted this item on PetSmart they claimed that it "Entices birds to play with its hypnotic design," Their reviews were also out of the park,” It’s hilarious to watch my bird spin the wheel trying to get the beads out! The bell adds entertainment and makes noise when the bird spins the wheel!" states a satisfied customer giving the product five stars. Another five star customer says, "I purchased this for my two keets, and they just won’t leave it alone. They have stayed entertained for hours with just this toy alone. They neglect every other toy in their cage. They often argue over who is going to play with it at a specific time... Nothing too violent, but still, they go nuts if I remove it in order to clean the cage." The last customer from there says in the product review area, "this toy is so cute and the perfect size for my two keets. They love this toy! They spin it round and round and it keeps them from getting bored". Most of the bird owners who reviewed owned cockatiels but still it worked just fine for my three eager parakeets! There are loads more reviews but I didn't want to feature all of them so I will just stop right here. To sum up this entire review I would like to say that this product is really fun for your bird and has an overall cuteness factor of 100 but I'm not the only bird owner who feels this way! There are lots more bird owners backing me up! This toy is a big hit! Before I end week 10 I just want to say that I have never gotten paid to do any of these reviews! I do it just because I like a toy and would like to share it with you! If you don't like a toy that is your personal preference and I hope that you only buy the toy if you are genuinely interested and not just because I "sent" you to! Thanks for reading I know that this week was long! The picture of the toy will be below and I hope that you comment, contact me, join our mailing list, and become a free Parakeet Palace member. Read my blog for more and make sure to check out our awesome new forums! If you liked this then you can share it with your friends and fam! Good-bye and hopefully I will see you again next week with another exciting new product!!!



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